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The goals of the Foundation:


To aid artistic activities; to help sound music that closely belongs in our cultural heritage.

To keep Hungarian musical culture alive and to popularise it both in Hungary and internationally.

To keep Hungarian string quartet tradition alive and present them to as many people in as many age groups as possible.

To provide a genuine view on Hungarian composers, especially on the works of Kodály Zoltán himself.

To encourage the creation of new compositions by the means of tenders and competitions. Te Foundation is an important agent in the field of culture by actively contributing to general education, by its community and social activities and public events.

The Foundation achieves its long-lasting goals of public interest by the means of granting supports, holding events and organising lectures as well.


The nature of the Foundation:


The Foundation is open, any natural person from either Hungary or abroad, legal entity or business organisation without a legal entity can join it depending on its acceptance of the Foundation’s goals and its willingness to help them.

The acceptance of offerings to the Foundation and the acceptance of new members are ultimately decided by the Board of Trustees of the Foundation.


Hungary - 1112 Budapest, Horzsakő u. 7.


info : kodalyquartet@kodalyquartet.com

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Founded by:  Dr. Katona Gábor

President of the Board of Trustees: Reich Gyula

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